" Strong roots and a free spirit "

This is the motto of Petit KINDER. We have deep respect for each child’s individuality and his/her own learning rhythm.

The natural desire of every child to assimilate and explore is at the heart of our activities. Through personalized supervision, we encourage each child to acquire the emotional and cognitive resources necessary for his/her full development.

We stimulate children’s curiosity through creative work and play. We teach them the importance of being kind and willing to help each other, to learn how to share and work together with their peers.

To achieve all the foregoing, we basically rely on the five pillars detailed below:

Metodología Escuela Infantil Multilingüe / Methodology Multilingual Nursery School

Contact with nature and outdoor play

Our large garden and playground of over 300 m²  enables integration of contact with nature and outdoor play in the children’s daily routines, helping them to achieve a series of physical, psychological, emotional, intellectual and social advantages.

We have an area with lawn and plants, a sand and water area where each child can experiment with natural elements, a pretend play area encouraging role games, mobile play area with tricycles and cars, an orchard that allows children to develop an ecological awareness plus a circuit of small trunks and slopes to stimulate gross motor skills, co-ordination and balance.

Metodología Escuela Infantil Multilingüe / Methodology Multilingual Nursery School


At Petit KINDER we place great value on multilingualism. We know the sooner a child becomes familiar with a language, the better and more realistic its learning will be.

The teachers responsible for toddler (P1) and preschool (P2) classrooms only speak to the children in English, while the rest of the nursery school teachers and assistants speak to them in Spanish and Catalan. In the toddler group (P0) the main languages are Spanish and Catalan. Families who are interested may also choose the option of 1 hour of German/day.

This way, we create a pleasant comfortable environment enabling early yet gradual immersion in each of the languages mentioned.

Metodología Escuela Infantil Multilingüe / Methodology Multilingual Nursery School

Maria Montessori

We are inspired by the practical principles of Montessori education, accepting each child as he/she is and helping him/her to achieve maximum independence.

We see each child as a builder of his/her development relying on his/her own drive and curiosity. The principle “help me to do it myself” is our creed.

Therefore, we offer children numerous options of playing with manipulatives and varied materials, allowing them to carry out daily life activities to achieve maximum autonomy.

Emmi Pikler, Metodología de la escuela infantil Petit KINDER.

Emmi Pikler

Each child has his/her own learning pace. Progress is gradual, so the success of each step depends on the success of the previous step. This development is primarily based on emotional stability.

In this sense, we take special care to provide children with a privileged emotional relationship and a sense of security, helping them to become aware of themselves and their environment.

We use furniture and quality materials inspired by this methodology, such as the Pikler bar arch, cubes and balls, to stimulate your child from an early age to test his/her own limits and gradually expand them as he/she gains confidence and independence.

Reggio Emilia, Metodología de la escuela infantil Petit KINDER.

Reggio Emilia

With a constructivist vision, where each child is the protagonist of his/her own learning, we want children to boost all their skills through the manipulation, exploration, construction and research of their direct environment to help them become responsible and socially competent people.

Focusing on the Reggio Emilia approach, we carry out various plastic activities and projects based on the interests and curiosities of the children and related to nature, which will enable them to develop their creative abilities and discover their surroundings.

Thus, we guide and cultivate the intellectual, emotional, social and moral potential of each child within a pleasant, healthy and affective environment.