Our team

At Petit KINDER we are a team of first class professionals. We have qualified specialized teachers and educators, whose vocation is to create a playful, welcoming stimulating context so your child can fully develop his/her cognitive and emotional faculties.

We daily foster an affective respectful relationship in the team. We all collaborate and take part to ensure a good working environment where your child feels safe comfortable and happy. In addition, we make sure the children become familiar with all teachers and educators, just in case the circumstances require it at any time.

We are aware that education is dynamic and varies in time, which is why we undergo on-going training through courses, workshops, talks and conferences related to the world of early childhood education to keep up with all scientific advances and new educational models.

Equipo de la escuela infantil Petit KINDER / Discover our Team -First class professionals- Petit KINDER. Barcelona